Congratulations to the Sheldon High School students who were selected to be the Students of the Month by their teachers. You demonstrate what it means to be an ORAB each day. Congratulations to Rachel Besaw, Ileanna Jimenez, Madison Nunes, and Arely Leon! #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #highschool #studentsofthemonth #sheldonorabs #leadership #congratulations
12 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Students of the Month
The 6th grade students have been learning about ancient civilizations. This week as a review activity, the students had to sort the beliefs and accomplishments of the Maya, Inca, and Aztecs civilizations into a triple Venn Diagram. The students had fun getting to sort the information with their classmates and hula hoops! #LeadOn #socialstudies #learning #handsonlearning #sheldonorabs #middleschool
12 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Ancient Civilization
Kindergarten practiced counting on from a given 2 digit number with their groups. Students not only practiced counting on, but they also practiced writing the next numbers. Great work kindergarten! #LeadON #Kindergarten #learning #sheldonorabs #orabs #counting #math #handsonlearning
13 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Come support our speech members in the Individual Speech Slam at Breu Haus on Thursday, March 9. The event will start at 4:00 PM. This is a great opportunity to grab some coffee and see some of our talented speech individuals! #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #speech #breuhaus
14 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Last night was filled with great music from the Sheldon Community School District Choirs. Our choir students from 7th-12th grade performed in the Procession of Choirs at the High School. This was a great opportunity for the community and parents to see the vocal talents of our students! Thank you to our students and instructors for making this such a great night! #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #choir #sheldonorabs #sheldoniowa #music #talents #choir #jazzchoir #showchoir
14 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Procession of Choirs
Spring Pre-Registration for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten is NOW OPEN! Online registration window opens on March 7, 2023 through April 1, 2023 (notes were sent home on the correct steps to register online) Little Orabs Preschool – return the bottom of the form to classroom teacher (no online pre-registration is needed, you will register in August) If your child attends Noah’s Ark, His Little Ones, Kingdom Kids or Headstart a packet has been sent home with instructions and information on online registration. If your child doesn’t attend a Sheldon preschool, please stop at East Elementary and pick up a packet for more registration information! #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #kindergarten
15 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Kindergarten Registration
Thumbs up for Mrs. Vogel's room for helping out with the P.E laundry each day! #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #teamwork
15 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Fun Days
4th graders put their minds to work to create their own Rube Goldberg Machine to accomplish a goal set by the group. Groups had to create blueprints for their machine in hopes of accomplishing their goal. Some groups had a goal to pop a balloon while others wanted to get a ball in a cup. Students had a requirement to have 4 energy transfers in their machine. The end goal was for the students to experience energy and energy transferring from one object to another. Such a great way to practice their learning, problem solving, teamwork, and building skills. #LeadOn #Orabs #STEM #scienceintheclassroom #learning #building #4thgrade #sheldonorabs
16 days ago, Brittany Maassen
4th grade
4th Grade
Join us tonight at the Little Orabs Preschool for Preschool Pre-Registration from 5-7 PM for the 2023-2024 school year! #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #preschool
17 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Join Us Tonight
This week at Sheldon Community School District! Make this week one of the best yet! #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon
17 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Weekly Information
Weekly Meals
The Little Orabs Preschool Pre-Registration is on Monday, March 6 from 5-7 PM at the Little Orabs Preschool! #preschool #LeadOn #orabs #sheldonorabs
19 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Preschool Pre-Registration
6th graders created taco trucks to review decimal operations. Students had to design a menu with good prices, and manipulate those prices using decimal knowledge. To add to the fun, they got to create a truck with fun slogan and design! Great work 6th grade! #LeadOn #Orabs #math #6thgrademath #sheldonorabs #learning #math #foodtruck
19 days ago, Brittany Maassen
6th Math
6th Math
Kindergarten students are practicing their predicting skills with some different science experiments. Students made predictions on what they thought would happen if they mix oil, water and food coloring together and then added an Alka-Seltzer tablet. Students were amazed at what happened and they saw that all of those things combined created what looked like a lava lamp! It is great getting to see our students brains work and their reactions during science experiments. #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #science
20 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Lava Lamp
Sheldon Middle School's 8th grade newcomers class had a guest speaker come to talk about life after secondary education, the importance of learning English, as well as shared her experience as a newcomer herself. Glenda Barrios is the Bilingual Career Path Navigator and Academic Specialist out at NCC. Glenda shared her personal story and experiences being a student, coming to a new country, learning English and how her schooling experience went. She also shared a presentation that talked about building relationships, finding courage and confidence in your learning, thinking of your future, and what can they do now to prepare for their future. Thank you Glenda Barrios for coming to talk with our students! #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #english #spanish #learning #middleschool
21 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Sheldon Middle School
Sheldon Middle School
Congratulations to Mrs. Nasers at East Elementary for being awarded the McTeacher Award from McDonalds! Mrs. Nasers was nomated by one of her student's parents. She was nominated because of her care and dedication to the students and for always making the students and staff at the school feel welcome! Thank you to McDonalds and the nominating parent for making this possible! Congratulations to Mrs. Nasers and thank you for all that you do for our students! #McDonalds #McTeacher #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #teachers #teach #makeadifference #sheldonorabs
21 days ago, Brittany Maassen
7th graders are working on proportions in math class. The students have learned how to solve the proportions and now are getting ready to work on a real life scale drawing that they will need to use their proportion solving skills! #Math #LeadOn #orabs #sheldonorabs #reallifeapplication
22 days ago, Brittany Maassen
Sheldon Middle School
Reading a little each day helps you become a better reader. Our first graders have been working hard on becoming better readers each day as they read chapter books with friends. Great work 1st grade! #reading #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #1stgrade
23 days ago, Brittany Maassen
1st grade
This week at Sheldon Community School District! #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #thisweek
24 days ago, Brittany Maassen
This Week
TK students are working on learning their teen numbers. This week students have been focusing on the number 17. Students learn how to write the number, count items to that number and then show what that number would look like in a tens frame. Great work TK! #LeadOn #orabs #sheldon #numbers #math
26 days ago, Brittany Maassen
East Elementary
Contemporary Writing students have been working on writing formal business letters and emails. Mrs. Wolf gives the students a real life scenario and they need to write a letter or email that responds to the scenario. This is great real life practice for our students as they prepare to enter the workforce. #LeadOn #Orabs #Sheldon #writing #highschoolwriting
26 days ago, Brittany Maassen
High School