Snow Day

Greetings Sheldon Community School Family,

I hope this communication finds everyone safe, healthy, and well. I send this
letter to communicate school calendar changes coming from this challenging
winter we are experiencing. The safety and well-being of our students and staff
are of the utmost importance, which has led to eight (8) snow days with the
potential for more to come. In an effort to avoid the school year spilling too far
into the summer, and to reclaim some lost instructional time, we are making
some adjustments to our school calendar.

As a School District, we have made a significant commitment to ongoing
professional development for our staff, which we believe leads to enhanced
educational opportunities for our students. A lot of this staff professional
development occurs after our early dismissals on Wednesday afternoons.
Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our staff, and the flexibility and
support of our Board, we are proposing the following:

• Wednesdays, starting January 18, will be full days of school for the remainder
of the school year, to allow us to reclaim lost instructional time. Teachers will
have Wednesday professional development starting at 3:30pm and they will
make up some additional professional development during Flex PD
Days. This adjustment will account for our first five snow days.

• Snow Day #1 – November 29 .... No Make-up Day Required
• Snow Day #2 – December 9 .... No Make-up Day Required
• Snow Day #3 – December 13 .... No Make-up Day Required
• Snow Day #4 – December 15 .... No Make-up Day Required
• Snow Day #5 – December 16 .... No Make-up Day Required

• Remaining three snow days already missed:
• Snow Day #6 – December 22 .... January 16 Make-up Day
• Snow Day #7 – January 3 .... February 20 Make-up Day
• Snow Day #8 – January 4 .... March 31 Make-up Day

• Plan for two additional snow days, if necessary:
• Snow Day #9 – ??? .... May 26 Make-up Day
• Snow Day #10 – ??? .... April 10 Make-up Day

• Any snow days beyond ten would be added to the end of the 2022-2023
school calendar.

Pending official approval at our January 11, 2023, School Board meeting, we will
adopt the above plan.

Respectfully yours,

Cory Myer, Superintendent