Scholarship Tips

Scholarship Tips from FASTWEB!  


ORAB Scholarship Tips!        

  • It is extremely important to proofread, proofread, and proofread scholarship applications!  Remember, you are selling yourself on paper!  Neatness counts!
  • Students should also check the college or university they plan to attend. Look at the Admissions and Financial Aid home pages as well as the College or Academic Department. For example, if you plan to be a teacher, you should look at the College of Education's home page for freshman scholarships.

1) Take your ACT test your Junior year in April and June, and your senior year in September or October. The December test date may be too late for some scholarship deadlines.

2) TYPE your application, unless it requires you to write in your own handwriting. Use spell-check, re-read everything, give it to someone else to proofread.

3) Put your name on the top of each page.

4) Make sure your scholarship application is about you and who you are. It's okay to brag!

5) Ask credible people to write your letters of recommendation. Best friends, parents and big brothers are usually not a good idea.

    Examples: If you are going into Business, ask the business teacher to write a letter for you. Pre-Med? Ask the Science teachers or your Health Occupations Instructor. Remember to give them plenty of time in advance to write the letter. At least a week in advance is a good idea.

6) Write your scholarship essay well in advance of the deadline. Have several people proofread it. (Your parents, friends, a teacher)

7) If you have to write an essay, write on the essay topic and stick to it. Keep to the word limit. There are no bonus points for an extra-long essay.

8) Do not start your essay with a dictionary definition. Remember to make your essay stand out to the scholarship committee.

9) Read and re-read all instructions to make sure your application is complete.

10) Send all required documents together, in the same envelope, unless it's stated to send certain documents seperately.

11) Make a copy to save for your records.